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Welcome To MedisonX

Virtual reality (VR) creates tremendous 3-dimensional artificial worlds and immersive experiences for users. Augmented reality (AR) creates top-notch real-world, life-like experiences. collectively, these ‘extended reality technologies' are hot assets in the tech world right now and for true reason. AR and VR technologies are expected to generate as much as $162 billion in market revenue by the end of 2020. trend-setters like Nike are already investing hundreds of thousands to ensure AR and VR abilities are developing immersive experiences for their customers.

Customers at the moment are starting to search for next-gen customer experiences using AR and VR. In reality, it’s expected that one hundred million consumers will shop in AR and 30% of web browsing will be performed without a screen by 2020. At a time when the extended reality is evolving to redefine the future, ask yourself if you are ready to harness the strength of AR and VR and become more innovative and disruptive. If not, our specialists can help you develop, design, and deploy unique AR and VR applications. together, we can force open the door of next-level opportunities and boost up your digital growth.

At MedisonX, we allow you to discover the tangible benefits of these emerging technology. By collaborating with you, we can create an immersive and visually delightful experience for your customers. throughout your AR and VR journey, we work to understand your challenges, define the problem, ideate solutions, construct storyboards and carry out assessments accordingly.


Some Interisting Facts

"A range of brands including Charlotte Tilbury, Clarins, Tommy Hilfiger, Farfetch, Intermix and American Eagle are all testing some form of virtual store technology, many tied to the holiday shopping season. Part virtual reality, part embellished website, virtual stores are defined by immersive, interactive elements that both entertain customers and let them make a purchase": Vogue Business

1. Ecommerce Valuation in 2021 is $4.5 Trillion & expected to reach $16 Trillion by 2025

2. Global VR,AR & Mixed Reality market valuation by 2025 will be $1 trillion

3. Daily million of people shop from internet.

Trillion global e-commerce by 2025
Trillion global VR, AR and mixed reality by 2025

What We Do

Customer Experience (CX) is the battlefield for brands. Differentiated CX is core to improving and retaining customer loyalty. Mindtree, with its deep digital expertise, has been at the forefront of helping enterprises deliver enhanced and contextual experiences to their end clients.

User Experience is undergoing a tectonic shift in terms of how customers perceive and interact with the digital world. The shift in perception augmented by AI and interactive technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) is driving multisensory and multimodal user experiences.

Virtual Store with Integrated ecommerce solutions

The internet has given us the ability to buy whatever we please, whenever we please so it comes as a little surprise that eCommerce businesses are killing it where sales are concerned.

By implementing a virtual reality element to your eCommerce site, you will likely notice a wealth of benefits.

Customers can “explore” an eCommerce site and be immersed in the experience that distractions are almost non-existent. And the best part? They can interact but also experience Virtual E-commerce stores from their phone or computer, without a VR Device or downloading an app.


  • Clothing
  • Beauty
  • Electronics
  • Footwear
  • Retail Products
  • Automobile

AR Integration in E-Commerce

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive enjoy of a real-world environment wherein the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced with the aid of using computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes throughout multiple sensory AR allows e-commerce customers to preview services or products of their very own environment before purchasing. With AR, your customers can preview products and are much more likely to pick the right product the first time.


  • Furniture
  • Jewellery
  • Footwear
  • Fashion Accessories (Hang Bags, Eyewear.etc)
  • Clothing
  • Automobile

Virtual Reality for Real Estate & Travelling industry

Construction companies and agents who use virtual reality (VR) to enhance their listings burnish their brand with a tech-savvy shine and pleasure sellers and customers with top-notch advertising and marketing that gives them a streamlined manner to view homes. In many ways, real estate is a perfect application for VR. It immerses participants in 3D models, giving them the feeling of physical presence with the useful resource of visible devices.

Companies can promote destinations and inspire customers to travel through 360-degree videos and cinematic VR productions.


  • Real Estate 3d Virtual Tour
  • Virtual 3d Walkthrough Tour
  • Hospitality
  • Visualization or Virtual Experience of Underconstructed or yet to be constructed real estate Projects
  • Virtual Ticket Booking interface
  • Virtual Staging with AR

AR for Travel & Hospitality

From The capacity of spell binding human minds, AR is changing the game for marketers, and that we can discover how Augmented Reality answers can assist the tour & Hospitality sector. The era is breaching modern doorways for the tour enterprise to enhance its client experience.

Augmented reality has the potential to broaden the search experience by providing engaging and interactive information. Innovative mobile apps often make it easier for travelers to find and search, thereby providing them with these enhanced experiences.

  • Tourist Places
  • Hotels
  • Gamification

Virtual Exhibition & Events

Virtual exhibitions have been seemed as complementary counterparts to physical exhibitions. They overcome local and additionally temporal limitations. They permit site visitors from all around the global to access art, tradition, and archives.

VR can assist fashion brands to now no longer only expand their audience but also impress their visitors with extraordinary experiences. There is likewise another aspect to it, and that is planning the shop layout and layout in the virtual space to discover the maximum finest one.


  • Museums & Art Galleries
  • Fashion Event
  • Automobile Expo
  • Virtual Product Launch
  • Virtual Exhibition


Sneha Tripathi

"It was really great working with the team of MedisonX. We had a great sales boost and high business lead conversions via meetings conducted and the ultimate service of the 'Virtual 3d Walkthrough Tour', thanks to MedisonX's latest technologies and highly supportive team members and consultants. "

R Bhosale

"It was our first ever experience to launch our very own products virtually over the web, thanks to MedisonX and their VR team for making the impossible vision possible for us."

Gary Trust

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Our Skills

At MedisonX we build True immersive experience is an amalgamation of various technologies like AR VR MR, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

3D Content Authoring

Game Engine

Augmented Reality SDK

Mobile App Development Frameworks


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"Teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability." – Patrick Lencioni

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